Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey guys!
So this is my first blog ever :)
I never thought I would make my own one, bcuz I always thought it's pretty difficult^^
But well with some help (thanks to Joey_DC) everything's pretty nice.

I'm still working on everything, but I hope I can make this site look cool in some days/weeks :)

This blog will be about stuff I like and about myself.

Hope you guys enjoy the site :)



JoeyDC said...

You are very welcome :). I'm sure you'll enjoy blogging and whenever you have a question or need help you know where to find me ;). Glad to have you on blogger now too.

Tensh_iie said...

Thank you for letting me know ;) Added you too. Nice you're having a blog now too ^^

Illara said...

Thanks for the tweet :) welcome to the world of blogging ;) AND I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF THE WEEEEK! <3

and i've added you too ;)

Ryanne said...

Heya,babe!:)I know that you'll enjoy it.Welcome here and thanks for adding.♥I'll add you to mine.And I love the layout and the colours.:)

apparently.alive said...

Nice blog!

The background pattern makes it all cozy and comfy! :)
I love to come back to here ;)

MusicIsHealthy said...

Thank you girls for your nice comments ♥