Sunday, September 6, 2009

How I became a Linkin Park fan and how this band saved my life

Okay I thought I’m gonna start blogging with one of my big passions in life:



This band means a lot to me, because in the past they helped me through a hard time….

To tell you how everything started:

Back in 2001 I was at one of my friends house and we had a little music session.
We were sitting on the floor and she said that one of her friends gave her a CD with some songs on it.

We listened to the CD and most of the songs were pretty good but only one song catched my ear.
I was immediately in love with the song and it was no one else than “In The End”.
I never heard something like that back then and especially the lyrics really touched me deep in my heart somehow.

So I asked her if I could borrow the CD for a while, because I had to listen to the song again and again.
And so she gave me the CD and I think I listened to the song for weeks. Not only ITE but most of the time..YES! haha
I have to say back then I hadn’t had the chance to google the band to already become a fan, so I just loved the song and knew it’s from a band called Linkin Park and was happy with that. LOL

After a while I gave her the CD back and somehow I forgot about the song.

6 years later my best friend found an album of a band on her brothers computer.
She gave me the mp3 files and told me to listen to the songs because she thought that they’re pretty good.
So I started my notebook and listened to the songs on my player.
When I was done with the album I just thought “WOW awesome”
So I looked from which band these songs are and yeah it was Linkin Park.

I was like “damn I know this band from somewhere?!”
So I google’d the band and found THE song on youtube.

I immediately fell in love again and searched for some infos about the band.
And yeah this is how I became a fan.

But in 2008 I became a “fanatic” (yeah many of my friends, classmates and family members say I am. LOL) because of something that changed my life in a bad way.

My mum got cancer in 2005, but she had the strength to defeat this one..but not the second one. She got it again and many operations followed.
In that time I needed something to distract me from everything and from the pain I felt.
And Linkin Park were a big support in that time, because they made me feel good and happy after listening to their songs and watching some vids.

On June 11 my mum died.
The day was the most painful day of my life and I just wanted to die. Srsly? I really thought about killing myself.
But I just went to my room and listened to “In The End”. On that day this song had such a different meaning, but it was the only song that could “understand me” and it made me think that life goes on and that I have so many great people in my life that can make my life happy again.

Today I still think Linkin Park saved my life. Sure my friends and my family helped me a lot too and I’m very grateful for that ( I love you!), but the first one who stopped my thoughts of hurting myself were Linkin Park.

So I just wanna say..THANK YOU!


Fly said...

i'm so sorry about your mom. things like this shouldn't happen... it's awful :( and i'm glad you didn't kill yourself. linkin park can be very helpful, for sure... i owe them a lot, too.

meteora said...

thats really awesome how you become a LP fan! i'm really sorry about your mum :( *hug*

JoeyDC said...

Hey girl,

I really like your new header. Well done! I'm very sorry to read about your mom. There are no words that would describe that kinda pain you went through, and it is great that LP's song at least helped you a bit. By the way, "In the end" is also my favorite song. I could listen to it forever! Nice story how you got into Linkin Park. Music can be so powerful, so no wonder about your nickname ;).


pinkwater3 said...

This touched me a lot. I think every music fan has had some help from their favourite band at one point or another.
My father also passed away on June 11, many years ago. I know how painful that is, and how this date will forever be one of the hardest days of the year. But keep holding on to what you love, to your music. It really helps.